Röder HTS Höcker - by Roder HTS

Turkish SEO Consultancy for German Tent Manufacturer

Turkish SEO Consultancy Project

Keyword research and on site content optimization for both SEO and marketing in mind for German tent manufacturer

  • Keyword Research
    • We have created a keyword research for Turkish language for the company which
  • Keyword Mapping
    • Keyword mapping service is a mathching service for urls of the website for target keywords. In other words, deciding on which page will be used for which target keywords.
  • Site-Renewal SEO Support
    • We prepared a document which shows which old website url needed to be redirected to new pages on the newly developed website.
  • Translation correction
    • We have improved the translation quality of Turkish web content as the original translation was correct but not appropriate for the website.
  • Content Optimization
    • We provided on-site content optimization for Turkish language.
project challenge

Providing expert SEO consultancy for on site content optimization and keyword research for Turkish language

  • 100+ keywords with search traffic volume data from Google Keyword Tool
  • We found new keyword category for the company products which was not on their previous keyword target
  • Improved web copy in terms of translation quality and SEO optimization rules
  • Warned client for wrong implementation of development company for redirects on the website even though we provided detailed report on redirection to development company
Project is online
Launch Date
1st September 2018