Branding & International SEO & Video Animations for Manufacturer

Logo Design

Branding for Istanbul Mold and Machine Inc and their sub-brands

  • branding
    • We have created a new logo for the brand identity to reflect their profession with cultural elements. We also created logo work for their sub-businesses.
  • international seo
    • Istanbul Machine is a machine parts exporter company which has different parts for different industries. Although there is no high search volume for the products as it is B2B custom made products, international SEO help them to get inquries around the world.
  • video animations
    • We have created explanation videos for specific products for their brands. Example product video:
  • design
    • Simple responsive design is created to put emphasis on the brand and products
project challenge

to reach global market for products which are difficult to explain

  • Istanbul Machine got new business inquries around the World including Peru which one of the farest location in the world for Istanbul
  • Getting quality leads from Europe, North and South America, Africa & Arab Countries, Russia and Former Soviet Countries
  • About 200,000 Video views on Youtube Channel of Sub-Brand Istanbul Dubel
Example Product Video

Example Product Video in Russian Language

Example Product Video in Turkish Language

Project is online