Digital Transformation & Custom App Development

Custom Web Application Development Project

  • digital transformation
    • The project was for automizing manually managed advertisement sales procedures and it is designed to be used by sales team for making easy proposals without complex calculations. Moreover, it also allowed them to create custom PDF documents which they needed for approval from clients for official contract.
  • tech stack
      • PHP7
      • jQuery
      • Html5
      • CSS (pure.CSS)
      • PosgreSql
      • Redis
      • Ubuntu
      • Apache
  • remote development
    • Github used for version control and bugfix purposes while Slack was main tool for project management and communication
project challenge

developing a custom application which will be used inside company which is integrated with other apps that are already in use

  • Project is completed before than estimated delivery time
  • Custom detailed PDF files created through application for offline usage of approval procedure inside the sales department of the company
Project is not accessible for public, it is developed to be used internal network of the client
Launch Date
1st March 2017