Mobile E-commerce for Group Buying

Turkish SEO Consultancy Project

Groupon like custom e-commerce application for Japanese Feature Phones

  • Mobile Without Touch Screen
    • Developing mobile e-commerce without touch screen was quite challenging. For ease of usage for the last user, every links, buttons, design should be carefully optimized.
  • E-commerce without Session
    • E-commerce web applications depends on session system on programming which stores cart or user info seprately for every user who entered to the site. Keitai phone mobile standards, does not allow session or javascript on the mobile sites. Moreover, Japanese people had belief of mobile
  • Logo Design
    • Uni means sea star in Japanese, and it also comes from University as the project targets university students. So we developed a character based logo with our French logo designer for targeting university students.
  • Speed Optimization
    • Speed optimization was important part of the project because of both the mobile internet speed and data transfer costs
  • Japanese E-mailing System
    • Japanese emailing was also problematic as UTF standard coding was not supported by the phones.
  • Payment Module
    • Although we were developing XML based payment gateways, the payment solution provider in Japan was using CGI/Perl based old tech stack. We learnt the PERL language enough for writing the integration code in one-day.
project challenge

Creation of full featured group buying ecommerce on i-Mode (Japanaese feature phone) with to many limitations

Project is offline